The FuseBox

The FuseBox is a hub in Brighton for digital innovators, tech visionaries and creative technologists. It is run by and is home to independent membership organisation Wired Sussex

We provide innovators with access to spaces, facilities, opportunities and expertise. We currently house the Brighton Immersive Lab and a 5G testbed.

The FuseBox is a place where innovators can be supported and can support each other, where knowledge and practices from the arts, humanities and design are meshed with new technologies.

We believe in learning through doing, demonstrating and testing; and in better innovation through collaboration. We have been described as a ‘social super-collider’. The FuseBox is carefully designed and programmed to facilitate these types of interactions.

We host a range of events, programmes and activities. Typically though, most people access the FuseBox through our residency programmes.

We first opened our doors in 2013 and took our inspiration (and name!) from the Brighton Fuse research projects. This research demonstrated the many ways in which the fusion of creative practice and technology was central to innovation and growth in Brighton’s digital sector. With the goal of creating a physical manifestation of the Brighton Fuse findings, Wired Sussex developed, designed and established the FuseBox.