Brighton Immersive Lab

The Brighton Immersive Lab offers mixed reality testing and showcasing spaces in the FuseBox for residents and visitors. The Lab provides a range of hardware including VR ready PCs, tethered headsets, VR ready smartphones, a green room, a motion capture suit and depth sensors.
These cutting-edge immersive facilities support the development of immersive content, products and services. The Lab also allows users to experiment with new hardware and to demo ideas to existing and potential clients.

The Brighton Immersive Lab is equipped with a huge, growing range of hardware designed to make developing immersive content easier and provide creatives with the opportunity to experiment with new technologies.

Virtual Reality Headsets
We offer a broad range of Virtual Reality headsets, ranging from top-of-the-range devices such as the HTC Vive Pro and the Oculus Rift, ideal for impressing business clients with features including eye tracking, to a number of more consumer headsets like the Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality and Google Daydream. For the more powerful desktop headsets we provide high spec gaming PC’s and laptops to power them.

Augmented Reality Headsets
The Immersive Lab also supports businesses and artists working with Augmented Reality. As such we provide a selection of AR headsets for FuseBox resident to use. These include the Meta 2 and Daqri AR Smartglasses however most notably we offer two Microsoft Hololens’ for mixed reality development. We also host an in development “holoportal,” enabling capture, transmission and viewing of 3D holograms in realtime on the Hololens headset.

To aid residents with developing both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for mobile, the Brighton Immersive Lab has acquired smartphones running both Android and iOS, including the iPhone 8, Google Pixel XL and Samsung S8 allowing residents to test applications on a variety of devices.

Capture & Creation Tools
To further assist creative ideas, the Immersive Lab offers a selection of tools designed to assist capturing, recording and producing content. Most notably this includes a top-of-the-range 360 3D camera – the Insta360 Pro 2 and a Perception Neuron Motion Capture Suit. Additionally however we provide depth sensing cameras, EEG brain scanners, a full audio recording and podcast setup, a 3D printer and a 3D scanner. So no matter the medium, the Brighton Immersive Lab has something that can assist.

The Immersive Lab was provided by Digital Catapult Brighton and is as one of the many benefits and advantages of FuseBox Residencies. Alternatively, it can be booked for single time use on request.