In Conversation: Communities, Technologies & Democratic Innovation Why is the democratisation of technology more important now than ever?

About this Event

Fusebox director Phil Jones is interviewing Prof Andy Stirling and Prof Adrian Smith in a roundtable discussion. They will discuss (and debate) the importance and challenges around democratising innovation and talk about practical examples of how people around the world are already practicing new forms of innovation and demanding better from existing innovation institutions.

They will explore why technology and the kinds of digital futures explored at Fusebox and elsewhere, are deeply social matters, and how the politics of such innovation demands democratic approaches in technology. Andy and Adrian will draw on their ESRC social science research and particularly the ESRC STEPS Centre at Sussex.

Andy Stirling is Professor of Science and Technology Policy in the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University researching on democracy, power and uncertainty in science and innovation.

Adrian Smith is Research Professor in Technology & Society in the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. He works in collaborative projects that aim to help people better understand and engage in grassroots initiatives for democratising technology and innovation. @smithadrianpaul

This event is for:
  • You are interested in how we can innovate in better ways
  • You work with technologies and are interested or concerned about the ways they impact on people and society
  • You research or teach about technology
  • You’re interested in the way technology affects communities
The event is a joint University of Sussex and Wired Sussex event, as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2020 was made possible thanks to funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which is part of UK Research and Innovation.